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The bay of El Nido is composed of 54 islands and islets bathed in a warm water, with a moderate trade wind called "Amihan" in filipino, from December to June.

It offers a wonderful playing field to practice sailing, and perform for all levels, and accessible for the whole family, groups and solo travelers.


El Nido sailing is a small school created already 6 years ago by experienced sailor and accredited in France, the first time he saw the bay of El Nido, a dream came: "bring some catamaran to offer the possibility  to navigate from a lagoon to a white sand beach to a sand bar... A paradise for sailing. "
Today we have a fleet of 12 catamaran.

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    Private Lesson good for two people - Learn in just 1 hour all the sailing tips on board with an experienced instructor   This course will give you a taste of the freedom and fun sailing your own boat can provide. It's worth to try!

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    2 days / 1 night Adventure Trip

    A sailing expedition with an overnight camping in an island. Sleep under the stars, sail from a white sand beach to an other. No itinerary, no time limit!

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    Up to 20 persons -All day sailing

    Experience the benefit of sailing, in a paradisiac Island.  This day offer sailing courses, race challenge event and a barbecue in an island where nobody else go.

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Our Sailing Association

Spreading the sailing world! We're very happy to give free course to the locals of El Nido, who can not afford for a lesson. Everyday, from 4 to 5pm we're scheduling free sailing training. One hour lesson with the instructor then the possibility to train everyday by their own. 
If you're a local an interested, contact-us by email!


Sea Cleaned Up

There are ways to travel that are less damaging to our Earth

 All of El Nido Sailing  trips are eco-tours: we observe the natural environment without interfering with Lake Superior’s ecosystem.

Sunday Regatta / Open-race

Sunday Regatta is one of the favorite local event. It's happen every Sunday (from December to June). Everybody who has a little experience on sailing can join to race through the Bacuits.

Program: Island trip, challenge, barbecue, fun! 



Join the challenge and have fun on sailing

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Sitio Lugadia

Corong Corong Beach

5313 El Nido, Palawan

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