The small sailing school is based in the El Nido, Palawan. A remote paradise to navigate and practice sailing.


Our main goal is to develop sailing in the Philippines. We started this project on offering to the visiter the possibility to enjoy the bay and its amazing white sand beacehes and an eco-friendly and sportive way.

"Sailboat, an alternative purpose, to visit the islands on sailing, where motorized cruising dominates by the mass-tourism".

The project started with a plan on bringing only 3 boats for a small business, in a place that I fall in love. Then along the year and the growing popularity in EL Nido, 9 others boats have been imported from France, to find a permanent function.

Giving Back


Today, the team is made up of:

  • 2 instructors: Ezekiel, 20 y/o and  Jared 26 y/o (Ph)

  • 1 forman: Jayron, 26 y/o, controls and operates the reparation of the boats. (Ph)

  • 1 receptionist and secretary: Ann Mary 22 y/o (Ph)

  • Management and Communication : Amandine 29 y/o (Fr et Ph)

  • Directeur:  Oswenn Lefoll (Myself), 43 y/o (Fr)

Oswenn Lefoll (Director)

How did I get to El Nido?

The first time, I came to El Nido ti visit my friend  ("Arnaud", we talk about him previously) was in 2018. Imediat choc on discovering the Bacuits Bay. The most beautifull I've ever seen before, with the best conditions to practice sailling. A dream appears " to have a small catamaran to go from a desert islands to an other desert island.


My experience as a professional sailor

Spending a big part of my life on the sea, as a sailing instructor, skipper and race or cruise assistant, i've been always atracted on non ordinary projects, and projects that for me seems to "bring something new".

Exemple: Sailng instructor in Lebanon, skippers assistant for the famous sailing race "Solitaire du Figaro" to end up skipper in this same race. In paris, i was  developping a sailing school on the river "La Scène" ( the goal was to reconnect the Parisian city dwellers on nautical activities)

=> And now, why not to develop a new ecological and social activity, "Sailing", in a place that seems to the paradise to enjoy sailing?