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Paraw : Filipino Native outrigger

Etymologically, 'Paraw' in the local dialect means a sailboat, which is a native outrigger based in the design and materials of the sailboats that carried to Panay Island the first Bornean settlers who were in search of a peaceful home.

3 elements composing the Paraw:

  • The Bangka (canoe)

  • The Katig (Outriggers)

  • The Layag (sails)

Then Bangka et Katig are made from wood or bamboo.

The Paraw Regatta festival takes place every year and held in February in the Villa de Arevalo region, Iloilo City, Philippines. Its headliner is a sailboat race in Iloilo Strait that highlights the Paraw, a Visayan twofold outrigger cruise vessel. It is the most seasoned conventional specialty occasion in Asia and the biggest cruising occasion in the Philippines.

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